Sat radio vs. streaming?
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Author:  Mike [ Thu Nov 15, 2012 4:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Sat radio vs. streaming?

I'm considering getting rid of my Sirius radio in favour of streaming radio.
What's the cost difference? Am I going to run up a large cell phone bill?
Anyone have experience with this? Of course I'll have to buy a new blue tooth head unit to sync with my phone... :?
Suggestions, thoughts... Thank you!

Author:  BlackTS [ Thu Nov 15, 2012 4:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sat radio vs. streaming?

Im my experience, I streamed 4hr of music on my way up home and if I remember well, it took like 500Mb, so half of my monthly quota.
Also with streaming, it only works where you have cell phone service compared to satellite radio that works pretty much everywhere.

Author:  AcidGord [ Thu Nov 15, 2012 7:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sat radio vs. streaming?

32gb iPod with 28gb of music on it and a crapload of podcasts is what I listen to.

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